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Sharky room

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New, beautiful rooms, in a nautical style, then strictly white and blue.


Sharky room


Challenge your imagination and reserve the Sharky Room!

A room completely dedicated to the entertaining world of Sharky and his undersea friends: jellyfish, turtles and stingrays.

Everything is personalised and in theme from the bed headboard to the starfish shaped hand soap. The whole decor recalls the theme of the ocean depths so our younger guests can enjoy the experiences of a mermaid or a deep sea diver.

Dreams become reality with a visit to the Cattolica Acquarium included in the package. You can see the acquarium's 3000 living specimens from 400 different species, and the newest addition: beach Penguins!

A magical experience for children and a relaxing experence for their parents.

Challenge your imagination and reserve the Sharky room.

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