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New, beautiful rooms, in a nautical style, then strictly white and blue.




Located between Romagna and the Marche, as early as the 1800s Cattolica was known as the "Queen of the Adriatic" because of its geographical position on a large natural bay protected from the strong winds and sea currents, with a beach of fine, light coloured sand about one hundred meters wide.

With its splendid fountains and squares, Cattolica is surely one of the most elegant towns of the Romagnola Riviera.

From Cattolica you can take lovely excursions into the hinterland. A definite must are the ancient towns of Gradara, Mondaino, Montegridolfo and Montefiore.

Cattolica can be reached by car by taking the A14 Highway and getting off at the Cattolica exit, or by taking the Statale 16 Adriatica; for those who arrive by air, there are direct flights to the Federico Fellini Airport in Rimini, and then by train to the Cattolica station.

Hotel Panorama Cattolica

Via Carducci, 147 - I - 47841 Cattolica (RN) Cattolica (RN)
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Hotel Panorama Cattolica
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