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beach Cattolica sea in Cattolica

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New, beautiful rooms, in a nautical style, then strictly white and blue.


beach Cattolica

Altamarea Beach Village Cattolica , symbolizes the tourist village taken to its highest level.


Hotel with swimming pool , hotel with amusement on the beach Cattolica, your holiday in Cattolica at Altamarea beach village.

In 2002 eleven bathing attendants, whose background stretches over many generations, joined their professional experience together and within a few years completed their ambitious project:

Altamarea Beach Village, the largest tourist village on the Romagnola Riviera coast.

The friendly beach attendants Daniela, Manuela, Mirella, Agostino, Diego, Elmo, Giuseppe, Marco, Michele, Mirco and Sergio make the traditional Romagnolo welcome their strong point.

There are always new and amusing activities every day, presented by a group of imaginative, friendly, sport loving qualified entertainers, who will enliven your holiday on the beach.

A well-organized entertainment programme, filled with all sorts of activities covering all the times of the day and evening, this is the flower in the buttonhole of Altamarea.

Altamarea Beach Village is looking forward to welcoming you on your dream holiday in Cattolica.



Hotel Panorama Cattolica

Via Carducci, 147 - I - 47841 Cattolica (RN) Cattolica (RN)
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Hotel Panorama Cattolica
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